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4#Cold rolling electrical system integration

4# Cold rolling electrical system integration



SAPA Heat Transfer NO.4 Cold rolling electrical system integration
1. We cooperated with Sweden PROENG Company to successfully complete the No.4  Cold rolling production line of SAPA Heat Transfer . This project adopted
2. The latest control system of ABB
3. System used ABB 800 series I/O module
4. Thickness control system
5. IBA data acquisition and recording system
6. DC drive system used ABB DCS800 DC drive
7. AC drive system used ABB ACS800 frequency drive
8. Transfer roller control used ABB MULTI Drive DC bus system
9. Peripheral AC auxiliary system was controlled by ABB UMC22 distributed bus module
10.Control cabinet used Germany Rittal TS-series cabinets
11.Communication networks used optic fiber network which improved the anti-interference performance of the system
12.The whole production line adopted full digitalization monitoring system.
13.Main operation room adopted the aviation driving seat as operating chair which was imported from Europe